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Year 6 - Quartz

In preparation for school closure, we have prepared some resources for you to continue your learning from home.

This page will be updated regularly if the closure continues after Easter, so please check it at least once a week.

All resources can be found in your packs.

For the children who are in Miss Lilley's maths set, please look at the SECOND document as your maths tasks are slightly different.

Useful websites:








We will expect all work to be presented well and for all written activities to be completed in books provided (if no worksheet is provided).

Please keep a log of your reading in your home-school diary.


In addition to the timetabled work, please complete a minimum of 30 minutes physical exercise and at lease one mindfulness activity (see page on website for some ideas).

I would also love for you to spend some time doing something that you LOVE - e.g. lego, puzzles, drawing, colouring, board games, cooking etc.

Or, perhaps try learning a new skill and become an expert in it!



Below are the answers for the first week of maths if you are in Miss Lilley’s maths set! If you have any questions, please feel free to message me on Purple Mash. Miss Lilley

These are the answers for the second week. If you have any questions, please message me on Purple Mash.