Felmore Primary School

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Davenants, Basildon, Essex, SS13 1QX



Year 3 - Turquoise

Please refer to individual timetables in the pack to see when work should be taking place.

Times tables

Spend 20 minutes practising times tables each day (this could be TTRockstars, Hit the Button or writing them down for example).  


Using the year3 / 4 spelling list, start with the words that you struggle with the most. Use a variety of methods (e.g. quick write, colourful write, pyramid words) to practise all of the words. There is a copy of the list on the blog if you misplace yours.

If you run short of spelling and grammar tasks, please go online to spag.com where you can use your login details and access different tasks.


At least 20 minutes of quiet reading a day. This could be a story, a newspaper, a magazine, online stories.

 Please log in your books a short summary of what you read. Introduce new characters, new settings. Discuss what has happened, any problems? Make predictions about what you think might happen on your read.

Afternoon activities

During the time you are off, we have set you a range of activities to complete. Most of the activities link to recycling and looking after our planet. The majority of these have been set for you to complete on Purple Mash. If you cannot get onto Purple Mash at home, you will be able to complete these activities in your book.

  • Recycling poster (Purple Mash). Create a poster to advertise the importance of recycling. You might want to include how to recycle, why it is important to recycle and some examples of materials you can recycle.
  • Litter report (Purple Mash). Write a report about litter. Think about what litter is, the impact litter can have (e.g. environment) and why it is important not to litter.
  • Use of water (Purple Mash). Think about all the activities you would not be able to do if you had to go and collect your water every day.
  • Describe the wave scene (Purple Mash). Think of a crashing wave. Describe the scene. Think about the skills you have learned in English to help you.
  • Renewable energy (Purple Mash). Find out about the different types of energy. What are the benefits of the different types? What is renewable energy? What are the benefits of using renewable energy?
  • Coastal erosion postcard (Purple Mash). What is coastal erosion? Write a postcard telling a friend or family member about coastal erosion.
  • Create something out of a plastic bottle. Mind map some ideas of things that could possibly be created out of a plastic bottle. Choose one idea to explore further. Mind map some of the resources you might need (try and keep this minimal) and the steps to be able to make it.
  • Create your own recycling symbol (Purple Mash). Take a look at the recycling symbol (appendix 1) Why is it green? What do the arrows represent? Now think about other ways you could represent recycling, the importance. Draw a picture to create a new symbol.
  • The role of a refuse collector (Purple Mash). Use the internet to research what a refuse collector is. Make notes or create a summary in your book.
  • Design a virtual city (Purple Mash). If you do not have access to Purple Mash, draw a map of a new invented city. What would you include in a city? What is important to have? What would be popular in a city?
  • Design a fish (Purple Mash)
  • Adaptation to oceans (Purple Mash). How have creatures adapted to life under the sea?