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Felmore Primary School

Believe it to achieve it


Davenants, Basildon, Essex, SS13 1QX


Year 2 - Garnet Class


Please do not feel that you that you must complete all the activities suggested - the ideas and links are there to try to make it easier for the children. I know that some children prefer to do online activities, and some would prefer to be able to print off and have a paper copy. You can copy the images or snipping tool so you can highlight and copy onto word if that is easier for you. Please do not feel any pressure in completing all the tasks - it is important for the children to still have some challenge but not to cause them stress. You can email us through Purple Mash if you need any help.  Miss Davis and Mr Nunn. 



Welcome to another new week. We hope you are all well and keeping yourselves safe. Thank you to all the children who are using Purple Mash to keep in contact about their home learning. Remember to do some learning every day and maybe start to collect together your favourites pieces of home learning to stick in a scrapbook which you can then show to your teachers and classmates once we are able to when we return to school.

This week, we will be continuing to focus on a new topic called” Comings and Goings”. The challenges are linked to moving forward. We hope you find out some interesting facts. 


Every day, you can: 

Read something for pleasure. 

Write something interesting. 

Do some exercise. 

Have a conversation with someone. 

Practise writing basic letters and focus on writing your ascenders and descenders correctly: (b, d, f, g, h, j, k, l, p, q, t, y). 

Your tasks for this week: 

When using the internet, remember how to stay safe! If you see anything that you do not like, share with an adult. 


For extra handwriting, practise the following words: pea, pen, pot, please, plum, polite, pass, pink, and purple. Focus on the correct joins for ‘p’ from the bottom of the belly (p). Remember to start the p on the line, up, straight line down, back up, round and flick.  



Log onto Purple Mash – complete the to do linked to Sam and the wet day. Read the text, and then respond to the different questions. There is one a day for you to complete, five in total There is a set of comprehension and grammar questions for you to complete.


Log into Espresso – English 1- Books, they have a range of books to listen to the story and activities to complete. 


Read your favourite book from home. Why is it your favourite? Can you write a review on it? Tell people what it is about and why they should read it.


Practise the following spelling rule:

Spelling Rule 20 - The /ɒ/ sound spelt a after w and qu

Wallet, wander, want, wash, watch, swallow, squabble, quality, quarter, squash


Play games on spelling frame or write the words in rainbow colours to help you to remember how to spell them.

Practise all your common exception words, especially any that you have found tricky. Use the technique look, cover, write, check. You could also find other ways to practise your spellings, such as writing them out using fancy letters and colours. Pick any that you have had trouble remembering.



This week we are going to focus on writing instructions linked to our home learning topic.

We are going to look at writing instructions linked either to:

  • creating a snakes and ladders game with addition and subtraction number sentences
  • making a worry box
  • making something you have previously made, such as the planets or your money box.

If you choose to write instructions on how to make a snakes and ladders game, this image may help you:

Descriptive writing - remember to use double adjectives, adverbs, a range of conjunctions and punctuation.  

Journey to school:

Imagine you are one of the children in the picture. Can you write about your journey to school?

Write a short paragraph about the journey to school image. Imagine you are in the boat with the children. How will they get to school?  Describe the background, all the things you would see and hear on your way to school. How do you think you would feel travelling in a boat to school?

Remember to use double adjectives, adverbs, a range of conjunctions and correct punctuation.

Double adjectives: Grey, misty clouds were hanging low in the sky.

Adverbs: The bright sunlight peered brightly through the grey mist.


The builders:

As soon as their delivery of building materials had arrived, the team set off to work. It looked like the clouds in the distance were beginning to spit rain down at the sleeping countryside, so they knew they must work quickly and effectively.

Describe what is happening in this image. Can you use double adjectives (e.g. the sturdy, colourful bricks were piled in the cornerand adverbs? (e.g. the fluffy, grey clouds moved swiftly past the tall mountains.)


MATHS - Place value

Write down the value of each digit in these numbers




seven ones



3  5              

30  5

three tens, five ones



1  1  2

100 10 2

one hundred, one ten, two ones


Try these:

17, 23, 42, 9, 135, 39, 235, 96, 81, 101, 113

Set them out in the same way as the examples above.


Addition and Subtraction


Write down the words related to this symbol. What does it mean?


What happens in the number sentence when you use this symbol?


Write down the words related to this symbol. What does it mean?


What happens when you use this symbol?

Now, roll a die to generate some digits. Put your digits together to make 2- or 3- digit numbers. Use these to create number sentences to complete.

Will you have two 2-digit numbers? Will you have a 3-digit number and a 2-digit number? Will you use addition (+) or subtraction (-)?

(If you do not have any dice in your home, make some digit cards on pieces of paper instead. Label each card 0-9 and use these to generate numbers for your number sentences.)

Use any method that you would like, (bar model, number line, partitioning) to solve these number sentences. Use both addition and subtraction.








Can you create your own snakes and ladders addition and subtraction board game?

 2dos have been set on Purple Mash if you wish to complete them.

Please access Espresso –maths 1 – addition and subtraction:

Watch the video on Espresso:

There are activities for you to do here:

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