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 Wow! How have we reached the end of this half term already?


In fact, how is it half way through the whole year??????! Time flies!


In maths, Miss Lilley's group have been working on finding the area of triangles and parallelograms. We also looked at finding the volume of cuboids.

In English, we worked on different grammar skills, including choosing the correct verb form in different tenses.

This week, we have been completing lots of WW2 related work. We created our own pieces of music which could be used as a WW2 soundtrack. We thought carefully about the different instruments and what they might represent in our composition.

We also worked hard on completing the plans for our WW2  art which involved a blitz scene (silhouette)  and a sunset or fire to create an orangey/red background.


We also had a grenade (beanbag) throwing session. We each had two throws and then measured the distance of our throws. We found the mean measurement. We then used this data to create a graph. 



Sorry for the lack of photos- I am having issues with my iPad! :(

Please note that in our school policy, it does state that the children should use a book bag, not a backpack, to bring in their book and homework. There are too many large backpacks in school which fall off of the pegs and children are tripping over them or the bags are getting trodden on and ruined.


Our PE lessons are on a Wednesday and our topic at the moment is gymnastics. Please bring in your indoor kits!


Homework is given out on a Friday and handed in the following Thursday.


Year 6 lunchtime clubs are on a Thursday with Miss Flinders