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This week in English we were writing a diary as we were Vikings in the Viking times. First, we wrote the diary entry, the next day, we were publishing our first paragraph or writing our next paragraph of our diary entry on Thursday and Friday we were writing and publishing our ending.


In maths we were doing cube numbers and squared numbers for an example cube numbers look like this 6³  and squared numbers look like this 6² some didn’t get it some others did.


This week we have been making bread it was very sticky until it all came together we started it on Friday morning and in the afternoon we ate it we all got to make our  own shapes even though we worked in groups it was super fun.


In PE we have been doing gymnastics it is really fun some  of us are really flexible and can do cartwheels of the gym tables and handstands also vaults we have been switching operators so everyone can do every operator.

Topic / arts and crafts

This lesson we  made some catapults  out of rubber bands and lolly sticks most went really far and some didn’t go as far as others


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Homework is set on a Friday and due in the following Wednesday.





 The Viking homework below has also been given out on paper. You have until Monday 24th February to complete.


The children can choose how much they wish to do over the next 2 weeks, including the half term holiday.

It is based on bingo so than can choose how many pieces they do based on whether they do a diagonal, vertical, horizontal, four corners or a full house.