Write your own Spy adventure.

Complete the worksheet on time.



TTRockstars is now up and running ready for us to use, the questions will be timed with a focus of multiplication and division.

Times table focus - TT Rockstars – 2, 5 and 10 – they need to know them as

1x2=2, 2x2=4                                       

English – Spellings - look, cover, write check – then put into sentences.

 We also expect the children to read as often as possible; please ensure that you encourage them to read a wide range of genres.

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Important dates

World book week - whole week


03.03.20 - Parents consultation

04.03.20 - Parents consultation

05.03.20 - Character dress up - bring your favourite book


This half term we will be focusing on Newspaper reports linked to our World book week focus - David Walliams - There's a snake in my school!

We will be looking at Percy the Park Keeper text. We will watch a range of videos, read stories and then apply this understanding to write our own stories based on a similar theme.

We will be looking at writing non chronological reports linked to Nocturnal animals.


We will be focusing on Time, applying our understanding to responding to time related questions. We will revisit the four rules; addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, we will use our understanding to solve missing numbers and use inverse to support us. We will be looking at statistics.


We will be looking at human and physical features within the surrounding area and what this means. We will be looking at reading co-ordinations and placing items on a grid.


We will be looking at living and non living things and what this means. We will be focusing on how animals get their food and their habitats, some of this will be a cross curricular link with our English.


We will be using Charanga; focus on Zootime, we will be listening and appraising each lesson. We will use the musical instruments to accompany our singing.

 Mr Nunn and Mrs Killingback