Week ending 15.11.19


We will be handing homework out on a Friday and expect it back in on Thursday.

The children will have a range of different focuses each week.

Please put the spellings into interesting sentences.

New spellings are:

Group 1







Group 2







TTRockstars is now up and running ready for us to use, the questions will be timed with a focus of multiplication and division.

Times table focus - TT Rockstars – 2, 5 and 10 – they need to know them as

1x2=2, 2x2=4


English – Spellings - look, cover, write check – then put into sentences.

Speaking - practise your lines for our production.

 We also expect the children to read as often as possible; please ensure that you encourage them to read a wide range of genres.

Diamond Class Blog

Next Friday (22nd November) is Children in Need day.

We have had a really busy week!

On Monday 11th November, we had a special assembly to remember all of the people who have served in the services. We places our pennies on a large poppy. We then wrote about why 11th November is important. Mr Nunn showed us some medals.

We wore odd socks on Wednesday as part of Anti Bullying! We also designed some in our books.

In English, we have been looking at a new author called Francesca Simon, who writes Horrid Henry Stories. We can now identify the different features of a story. We enjoyed reading different Horrid Henry stories to identify the different language. As well as, we have enjoyed working in pairs to find and record alliterations and onomatopoeia used within the different stories.

We have focused on applying our division knowledge to solve fractions of amounts. We have learnt the bottom number is called the denominator, this tells us how many equal parts the whole has been divided into. We learnt that the top number is the numerator and this tells us how many parts we need. We have looked at ½ ¼ ¾ and 1/3. We are confident with finding ½ and ¼, we found finding ¾ and 1/3 more challenging.

In art we created a realistic design of our own magic carpets. We thought about different materials that we could use to make a carpet. We labelled the different key features of our designs. We are going to create our own carpets during our D&T sessions of sewing.

We had a very exciting geography lesson! We have continued with our focus on South America and researched facts related to Brazil. 

During RE we continued to learn about the Festival of Sukkot. We focused on why the Festival of Sukkot is important and what happens during the festival.

In science, we continued with our topic of looking at plants. We learnt about germination and what a plant needs to live. We looked at a life cycle of a plant and labelled our own plant life cycles.

During our PE lessons, we focused on our dancing skills. We focused on how we could move our bodies to the music using ribbon to create a dance. We need to make sure that we have got shorts in school as we will be dancing in the hall!

In Maths, we have continued to be practise our 2 times tables, we have even begun to answer questions such as –How many does make 12?

Miss Davis and Miss Caine