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Swimming is on Friday. CHildren need to have their full swimming kit in with them. They will not be able to swim without it. 

PE kit is still required in school incase there is a reason we cannot go swimming. Please make sure you have your FULL kit in every day.



 Maths: Times tables sheet

Reading: Read at home every day 

English: Write a recount of your half term


Pink words:



What a fantastic week we have had in Amethyst class!


This week in English, we have been working on writing our 500 word story for a competition. We are hopefully for some of them to be published. There have been some excellent ideas. Lots of children have based their story in an era in the past including the Ancient Egyptians, Romans and World War.

In maths, we have been working on multiplication and division. We have been using know facts to solve problems and short division to solve trickier problems. We have been looking at numbers where there may be remainders. Some of us have been developing our reasoning skills and using evidence to make an informed answer.

In art, we have been using patterns to shade a picture of Harry Potter using different types of colours.

In French, we consolidated our learning, looking back over the vocabulary taught so far including: eyes and colour, hair and colour, clothing, emotions and some animals. We are really starting to get better at our pronunciations.

In science, we looked at electrical conductors and insulators. We completed an investigation using a range of materials. We learnt that a conductor is a material which allows electricity to pass through and an insulator is a material which does not allow electricity to pass through.  It turned out that metal is a conductor whereas paper, cotton, rubber and plastic are insulators hence why wires are wrapped in plastic.

In geography and history, we have continued to make informed predictions about what we think Essex/Basildon might look like in 20 years’ time. There were some excellent suggestions including electric cars, more houses, less shops, more schools as a consequence of an increasing population.



Well done to Bailey for being our star writer this week!


Well done to Khadijah for being our star mathematician this week!


Well done to Rosalyn, Ellaouise and Charlie for getting gold stickers!