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Year 2 Blog (Emerald and Jade Classes)

Miss Smith and Miss Evans welcome you to Year 2!

Homework and Spellings

  • Count on and back in 1s to 100.
  • Count on and back in 2s, 3s, 5s and 10s.
  • Write one to one hundred in words.
  • Partition numbers to 100; recognising the value of each number. E.g. 37 = 30+7.
  • Make you own broadcast about a piece of news. Create a video of yourself. Feel free to email this to your teacher via Purple Mash. 
  • Discuss the key vocabulary.
  • Create a poster about John Logie Baird or different forms of communicating the news. 
  • Read every night. Discuss what happened? Who are the characters? Where is the setting?  
  • Practise spelling the first 200 high frequency words (see below).
  • Use a range of techniques, including to help you to learn the spellings for each week. Also see the document which has plenty of spelling ideas.
  • Phonics - We have been looking at alternative graphemes from phase 5. Please see the phonics mat. Try and practise spelling words with different sounds. 
  • Play
  • Keep an eye on as your teacher may set you things to do linked to your learning. 
  • Play to practise number bonds to 20.


Week ending 16/10/20

 This week we have been looking at the alternative grapheme 'oa'. Please practise the following words for Friday 23th October 2020.

show, tiptoe, phone, grow, only, gold, float, there, where, every

Week ending 9/10/20

 This week we have been looking at the alternative grapheme 'ie'. Please practise the following words for Friday 16th October 2020.

cry, lie, bride, slide, spy, find, flies, would, could, should

Week ending 2/10/20

This week we have been looking at the alternative grapheme 'ee'. Please practise the following words for Friday 9th October 2020.

shiny, really, complete, money, bead, shriek, chimney, cheek, what, with

Week ending 24/9/20

 This week we have been looking at the alternative grapheme 'ai'. Please practise the following words for Friday 2nd October 2020.

today, grey, eight, plate, snake, they, weight, because, the, don't

Hello and welcome back to an exciting new school year.

We will have a new learning focus based on our new curriculum – Dimension. Our learning will be cross curricular and theme based. Our first theme is Inter-Nation Media Station, it is has a key element related to communication.

Our PE day will be on a Friday, please ensure that your child comes to school in full PE kit (outdoor) will all jewellery removed, in particular earrings.

Please find attached our What I Should Know (WHISK) sheet; on here you will find what our learning will be focused on.

Our homework will be based on key skills and the WHISK sheet below.

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Week ending 2/10/20

The children in Year 2 have created this brilliant story:


Nan and Norman’s big day out

The day arrived for Norman to take Nan on her day out to ride the largest roller coaster ever! Nan could not contain her excitement; she was a thrill seeker and was always up for a challenge. When they got there Nan's big, bright blue eyes lit up like a firework she could not believe the size of it. She was like a little girl and wanted to get to the front of the line so she could get on it first. The man in charge of the roller coaster said “everyone belt up and get ready for the biggest thrill of your life!” He pushed the start button and they zoomed off. Nan held her arms high above her head shouting “yipeeeee!” Norman could not believe how much Nan was enjoying it. The roller coaster went round the first loop, then the second and the third. On the fourth go, they were half way around when all of a sudden the roller coaster stopped. Nan was shouting “Norman, Norman! I’m stuck! I’m stuck!” Norman put his hands on his head looking puzzled. Then, he had an idea. He ran as fast as he could to his car and got his jet pack out which he was given by a fellow rap star. Without hesitation, he flew up and rescued Nan. She hugged him so tight and gave him the biggest Nanny kiss ever. She said to Norman “that was the best day ever! l loved it! Especially the bit when l got stuck way up high and you came and rescued me. You’re the coolest Grandson; let’s go get some ice cream!”

 By Emerald Class


One beautiful, sunny day Top Dollar and his Nan went to the water park. They could see a giant, red water slide with water pouring over the sides. Nan screamed and begged at Top Dollar "I want to go on that one". Nan went first feeling excited and behind her Top Dollar who was feeling rather nervous. She whooshed down the slide at top speed, laughing and screaming with excitement, when all of a sudden the water stopped and Nan was stuck. Nan cried for help. Top Dollar not came down the slide not knowing Nan was stuck and bumped into her, setting her free. They whizzed down the slide and landed in the pool with a splash. They both swam out of the pool. Nan turned to Top Dollar and said "That was fun! Can we go again?"

By Jade Class