We at Felmore are proud to have a group of caring lunchtime playleaders.  They were chosen after writing an application letter, explaining why they would be ideal for the role, and attending a course to learn all about the responsibilities they would be carrying out.


The playleaders wear green bibs in training and when they have passed their training they have a badge presented in a special Playleader assembly.


What does being a Playleader mean?


·         Being a great role model

·         Always doing the right thing

·         Being kind

·         Helping other children

·         Assisting lunchtime supervisors

·         Respecting equipment

·         Abiding by playground rules

·         Being honest, reliable and trustworthy.



Learning mentors


The role of the learning mentor is to work with children to identify any barriers to learning and to help them develop learning strategies to cope with these.


Starting from the child’s existing strengths, learning mentors may work with a child on a one-to-one basis or in a group session.  The aim of the programme is to ensure that each child becomes more confident in using skills that help him/her to learn effectively and cope better in school.