Our Library


 At Felmore, we believe that reading is incredibly important for a variety of reasons;

  • It enables children to find out information.
  • It enables children to access other areas of the curriculum.
  • It provides ideas for their own writing.
  • It encourages children to use their imaginations to explore new and exciting worlds!

These are just some of the reasons why we have created a fantastic library within our school for children to enjoy and use to support their learning.


Children are able to borrow books from the library to take home and these can be used as part of the daily reading we recommend for all pupils. Children can borrow one book at a time and keep each book for 2 weeks, after which time they are required to return the book to school or have it scanned again in order to keep it for another 2 weeks.

Reminders will be sent out on a regular basis to ensure that overdue books are returned as soon as possible and any books that are not returned to school within 1 month of the return date will incur a £1 late fee.


Library Monitors!

Library Monitors from each year group are chosen each term to ensure the library runs smoothly and help other pupils to borrow books.