Felmore Primary Junior Governing Body

Friday 20th January.

Today our Junior Governing Body met on the Adlington Express. They were full of good ideas!

Here are some of them: 

Aldernae said, "We should hold meetings to discuss how to make the school a better place. "

Callum said, "We need to be confident speakers because we may need to speak in front of a large audience."

Melissa said that she would enjoy listening to and taking ideas from other children. 

Corey thought it was important that we are able to negotiate and make lots of notes about children's ideas. 

Jamie said that he was keen to introduce more lunchtime clubs and activities and that he was looking forward to listening to others' points of view in class. 

Ellie had  the wonderful idea that the School Governing Body should become involved in raising more money for the school through enterprise activities. 

Maddison said that we should grow things to sell, such as flowers, potatoes, strawberries and other fruit and veg. All children said that they enjoyed the enterprise stall and felt it should continue. 

Gabby liked the idea of holding gardening competitions to see who could grow the tallest sunflower or the biggest pumpkin. 

Corey then went into competitive mode! He said:

"We should hold competitive activities such as a World Sports Day. This would make us more competitive and motivated!"

Corey said that we should hold these competition afternoons once per half term and that we should invite the parents in to watch. He thought it would make our parents really proud!

Jamie then suggested that we hold maths competitions to help us with our learning and that we should get merit points as prizes. 

Beau suggested that we should hold termly celebrations linked to the seasons. And from there came the idea of holding a Spring Fair. 

Gabby suggested that each class should make something to sell at the Spring Fair. This could be plants grown from seeds, cakes, hamma beads or loom band bracelets. 

So keep your eyes peeled! The Junior Governing Body are due to meet again in 2 weeks time when they will begin to plan the Spring Fair. We will also be welcoming our year 2 Junior Governors to this meeting. 

Let's hope that they are successful in raising lots of money for school finds! 

Good luck Junior Governors!