The children and I have worked together to set this weeks homework.

It has been set on PurpleMash.

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Times table activity - we have printed it of for you!


Write some instructions about a topic you know lots about.

Turquoise Class

- PE every Wednesday: Indoor and Outdoor PE kits - Please try and find time to listen to your child read: Record in Reading Record - Snack is 30p -

We have had a brilliant week in Turquoise class.

In our reading lessons, we have continued to read and take part in activities for our book - The Time Travelling Cat. We have looked at tricky vocabulary in the text and have learned lots of new words. This helps us to understand the text.

In our writing lessons, we have looked at instructional writing. We looked at the general structure and language features of instructions and then practised these in different activities. We applied some of the features by writing instructions on how to make a jam sandwich to an alien called Bogart. We then planned for and wrote instructions on how to become a mummy. We edited and improved our writing as well.

In our math lessons, we have worked with statistics and data. We interpreted pictograms, bar charts and tables. We even had a look at a Pokedex with 50 Pokemon and their attributes. At the end of the week we did some carousel activities to support us with our times tables. 

The afternoons have been fantastic too! We have learned about the mummification process, sketched Egyptian gods and goddesses and created a poster of rules for our school lunch hall.

Have a fantastic weekend,

Mr Nelson