Continue to develop knowledge of times tables using TT Rockstars, as well as the division facts.

Complete the Stone Age Boy reading comprehension questions. You can also read the story that has been sent home!

Create a plan for your stone age shelter. What materials will you use? What will it look like? How will it keep people sheltered?



Turquoise Class

- PE every Wednesday: Indoor and Outdoor PE kits - Please try and find time to listen to your child read: Record in Reading Record - Snack is 30p -

We have had a great week in Year 3 yet again.

In Maths we have continued to look at fractions. We have used our fraction walls to investigate equivalent fractions and to compare and order them by size. We finished the week by applying our knowledge to some word problems.

In English we have started to write our very own version of the stone age boy where Om visits our world and we show her different things in our lives. We looked at the structure of stories and found they were separated into 5 different parts - the opening, build up, dilemma, resolution and ending. We used DAD to write an effective opening paragraph to our story that described character and setting.

 Our afternoon sessions of PE, Art, and Music have been really fun. We are now covering the topic of dance in PE - which we are really good at. We enjoyed learning about different types of rocks. Next week we are going to start designing our own stone age shelters.

What ever happens just keep on smiling!

Mr Nelson