Welcome to Topaz Class

Week ending Friday 22nd March 2019

 We have had another busy week in Topaz class!

Thank you all for the donation of chocolate on Friday ready for our hamper raffle.

Don't forget Easter Bonnet Parade Tuesday 2pm!

In Maths this week we have been thinking about time.  We thought about all the different ways time passes seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years.  We started the week learning about the days of the week and sequencing them using the vocabulary before, after, tomorrow, yesterday and today.  We have loved singing and dancing to the Super movers days of the week song.  We them moved on to telling the time to the hour.  We are very good at reading the hour and now need to practice reading to the half hour and looking at where the hour and minute hand need to be.

This week in English we have been reading the book Handa's Surprise.  We looked at the front cover without it's title to make inferences and predictions about what the story would be about.  Then after finding out the title we looked to see if it changed any of our predictions.  We used book talk to discuss our likes, dislikes, make links and ask any questions about what we had read.  To help us write our own story we tried some different fruits and used adjectives to describe how they looked and tasted.  We mapped out our own version of the story before following this to write our own version.  Ask us to tell you the story of Handa's Surprise.

This week in science we have continued to look at types of animals and how they can be put into different categories. This week we learnt about reptiles, fish, birds and amphibians.  We sorted animals into each group.  Have a look at 





to remind you about the features of these animal groups.

As Handa's Surprise is set in Kenya  in geography we located Kenya on a globe and map and learnt about what the country is like.  We discovered that it is close to the equator.

In computing this week we went to the computing suite to use the internet to search for pictures of the animals from Handa's Surprise.

In PE we continued to work on our ball skills.

This week in art we thought about the patterns on tigers and zebras.  Then using thin paint brushes we painted animals thinking about their stripy patterns.



Please continue to read with your children. It is important that the children practice this skill.  Reading underpins the whole of the school curriculum.


Please complete the days of the week sheet 


 Please practice the words old, too, by, day, made


Have a go at reading the real and alien words, don't forget to stop the special friends first.



Have a lovely weekend


Mrs Carrig and Mrs Cooper  

Suggested Year 1 reading list