16th November 2018

Don't forget swimming on Monday mornings. Children need to be in school by 8:30 so that we can leave promptly at 8:45

Ensure your child has their reading book and reading record in school every day

Ensure your child has a water bottle in school and that is filled at home each day.


The children looked amazing today, all dressed up for Children In Need.

Thank you for your donations and to those families who made cakes for the cake sale.


What Have We Been Up To?

Reading - This week we finished Kensuke's Kingdom and the children LOVED it. They felt a bit emotional at the end and many said it was the best book they have ever read!


English - This week, we have completed our balanced argument for the proposed timetable change. The children worked hard to apply the appropriate features and style.

Maths - This week we have focused on decimals, looking at the place value of decimals, ordering them and rounding to the nearest whole number and tenth. We have also looked at what happens when you multiply and divide by 10, 100 and 1000.


Topic - This week we have carried out a survey of different inherited features, such as the ability to roll your tongue; whether ears are attached or detached; shoe size and eye colour. This information was then turned into bar graphs. 

We also carried out an experiment into the effect of camouflage and linked this to the adaptation of the peppered moth during the Industrial Revolution

PSHE - For Anti-Bullying Week this year, the focus is on cyber bullying, and the children had a discussion on what this could be and the consequences of it. They also came up with some helpful advice on how to keep yourself safe on the internet.

Have a wonderful weekend and I look forward to seeing you all bright and early on Monday.

Miss Carr