Remember to read every night

Reading records to be handed in every Thursday for checking next Reading Challenge Raffle draw will take place on Friday

PE is on a Tuesday, but please have your kits in every day

Welcome to Sapphire's Class Blog


 What Have We Been Up To?

English - This week in English we have been revising different things in preparation for our upcoming SATS. We have looked at prepositions, functions of sentences and determiners. We have also finished our letters to local companies requesting donations for our planned Enterprise Event and we have already received our first donation!

Reading - We have spent some time looking at a difficult and challenging text about caves and continued reading Goodnight Mr Tom. We have reached quite an emotional part in the story and the children are gripped by it.

Maths - This week we have spent the time revising different areas of maths. We have looked at fractions, decimals and percentages; solving problems involving measures and carried out some problem-solving to do with algebra.


Topic - For topic this week, we researched Ghana. We found out some basic facts about the country, such as its location, population, the languages spoken and the capital city etc. We then used these facts to create a factfile. We also learnt what our traditional Ghanaian name would be.

Computing - We looked at beginning to code an app through a website called applab. The children enjoyed investigating what they can do and change within the program and I'm sure they will soon be much better at using it than I am!


Science - We looked at pulse rates, where they can be found in the body and how it changes with exercise. The children worked in groups to plan and carry out an investigation into this.



Do you like our reading corner?

The children have been encouraged to write reviews of books which they have read so that they can be added to our display. Also, they are being challenged to write stories for our class book which other members of the class can read.

As part of Listen Up, we are reading The Midnight Gang by David Walliams and the children are loving what we have read so far!


The children will be given a piece of written English and Maths homework every Friday which is due in the following Thursday. The homework will then be marked as a class on Fridays.

In addition to this, when appropriate, homework will also be set on My Maths and the children have been given their usernames and passwords and these are glued into the front of their Reading Records.

The children will also be regularly be given personalised spellings to learn.

The children have also been given a username and password for Rockstar Times Tables which is something new for this year. This is a game where they can develop their accuracy and speed in recall of times tables facts. Each games lasts just one minute and the children earn gold coins each time they play which can eb used to improve their 'rock star' avatar!

Have a wonderful long weekend and I look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday.

Miss Carr