Welcome to our Weekly Blog!

Quartz class!

Happy Friday everyone!


Another week has passed and we have worked really hard!



We have finished Kensuke's kingdom and we really enjoyed it! Some of us (Miss Lilley) thought it had a very emotional ending. We will be beginning a new novel after Christmas (Goodnight Mr Tom) so we will be working on a variety of shorter texts and focusing on our skills and SATS style questions.


In English, some of us continued with our balanced arguments. Miss Lilley's English group had finished theirs so they had some skills focus lessons then applied these onto a piece of writing which they typed up in the ICT suite. These are extremely good and Miss Lilley is thinking of printing them all off to create a book!


In Maths, we began our work on decimals. Miss Lilley's group focused on place value of decimals and recognising tenths and hundredths. They then moved into ordering and comparing decimal numbers. After that, they worked on multiplying and dividing decimal numbers by 10, 100 and 1000. Then, they moved onto rounding decimal numbers to the nearest whole number.

On Monday, we had our remembrance assembly in which we brought our copper coins to place on the giant poppy. We learnt all about this  in the afternoon and watched some videos about WW1 including a short interview with the last remaining WW1 veteran (who sadly died in 2015).


On Friday, we had our Children in need day and it was lots of fun! We have raised money for a good cause, got to dress up and got the opportunity to eat cake! What more could you want?!


Have a wonderful weekend! 

Miss Lilley :)