Please ensure that pupils have their outdoor P.E. kit for Tuesdays.Next outdoor learning session will be Monday 17th March


Peridot Class






What a fantastic week we have all had.



This was our last week getting to know ‘The Highwayman’ poem by Alfred Noyes. We have been analysing the story, the language choice and authorial techniques for conjuring images in a person’s mind. This has grabbed the interest of all of us, through the colourful and enthralling language, or simply, the mystery of the main characters.


We now start our new subject of ‘Dramatic conventions’ so the first task will be to understand what this term means.


Our maths is to change from fractions and percentages to perimeter and area to help with those D.I.Y. tasks of fencing, skirting boards, new carpets or some new turf after all that rain this winter!


We were pleasantly surprised this week in science by the weather. So instead of being very careful indoors, we took our investigation out into the sun. We found all sorts of metals in our grit, sand and pebbles. The aim was to investigate separating materials using magnetism. It was concluded that, after retrieving the metals we would need to clean them and sand was the easiest to fish out the objects from.


To carry on our Crime and Punishment theme, after our special visitor last week, we delved into the far history, the Anglo Saxon style of Crime and Punishment. This presented quite difficult and harsh basic laws consisting of fines or removing of body parts for various crimes.




So until next week this is Mr. Railton and Peridot Class saying "Happy learning!"