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Week ending: 22nd March 2019


PE is on Thursday



It has been such a lovely week!

We have been busy reading lots of different versions of Cinderella throughout the week. We enjoyed comparing them, seeing what was different about each of the stories. We based our activities around the stories. We really enjoyed decorating carriages, making wands, making our own story books and creating story maps.

In number time this week we have continued to look at time. We are getting good at recognising o’clock times and some of us are even recognising half past times too! We have also been looking at the days of the week and ordering them, we learnt a song about the days of the week, can you remember how it goes? We then moved on to ordering the months of the year, this was quite tricky but we had a really good try. We did enjoy sharing what month our birthday is in.

In our forest school session this week we made pencils out of willow. We also made nests for the birds using lots of the materials we found in the forest.

On Friday we planted some cress ready to write a diary next week, we can’t wait to see how it has grown over the weekend.


Remember to complete another piece of homework from the home challenge sheet, have fun!


 Have a lovely weekend,

Miss White