Opal Class Blog


Week ending: 11th January 2019


Forest school sessions will begin for Opal class after the February half term. We will be asking for parent helpers to come with us to Wat Tyler on Tuesday mornings or afternoons, if you would like to volunteer please let us know.


PE will now be on Tuesday instead of Friday.


This week we have done lots of exciting and new activities with all our friends!

On Monday we started the week off by going to our Read Write Inc groups. We are loving the game Buried Treasure where we have to say if it is a real word or a silly word! Today we started our new topic – People Who Help Us. We learnt about the Fire Brigade today and how they can help us! They save us from fires and they wear fireproof clothes.

On Tuesday we enjoyed doing activities with Miss White around the story 10 Little Superheroes. We created our own superhero with paint and we wrote crash, bang and pow on speech bubbles! In PE we enjoyed using the parachute in the hall and playing the game of cat and mouse.  We also did the really fun trick where you create a large mushroom and all sit inside! We worked super well as a team.  

On Wednesday we enjoyed learning more about different people who help us, today it was the Police. Miss White helped us take our fingerprints on the inkpads to prove that we were innocent! We learnt that the police have special dogs that help catch thieves and they are really good at sniffing.

On Thursday we continued learning about our new maths objective which is number bonds to 10! We have done so many fun activities today, such as using the numicon to find two pieces that make 10. We even did rainbow colouring to match the two number bonds together, and of course we sang our number bond song!

On Friday we had so much fun when the owls came to visit. We loved finding out new information about the owls and being introduced to lots of different types. They flew around the hall and were so close to our heads! After we had enjoyed a whole school assembly we then completed lots of owl related activities. We used feathers to decorate owls, completed some owl addition and even used clay to make our own owls. It was such a lovely day and we can’t wait to see the photograph of us with an owl on our shoulder!


Have a lovely weekend,

Miss White :)