Please complete and evidence some of the growth mindset home challenges.



READING: Read home reading book or another book of your choice and put it in your reading record.


WRITING:Spelling frame (All Year), GAPS Q's


MATHS: Maths test questions.

By Connie R and Ruby Chisolm


This week, we have been reading the text the Chocolate Factory Ghost. We have been using our clarifying and inference skills to answer a range of questions. The text has been really funny and enjoyable. The whole class has learned new, cool words like bewildering, wistful, paralyzed, evasive and many more.


Every one, has enjoyed this week in English, it has been really fun. We all have been making amazing stories and watching the amazing film Jungle Book. All of our words from English have been making our stories a lot more interesting. All of us have been practising and practising our handwriting and trying to get a beautiful pen licence. WE CAN DO IT!!!



This week in maths we have been learning the perimeter and the area of normal and irregular shapes. Just because it’s hard doesn’t mean we can have a fixed mind set and give up. We have had a whole mixture of year 4, 5 and 6 work. Also we have been doing algebra (e.g 7g+9=18 7+9=16+2=18 G=2) and arithmetic questions/quick fire maths



We have been doing all different activities about our new topic The Jungle Book. We have been merging it into our English which is more fun. Our skill full artists have been doing art for our display. All of the children have been very happy about it.


This week we have been trying to solve a circuit to a light bulb. We have been using different materials like paper, hair and tissue to see if it’s a conductor or an insulator. It was really fun to investigate and experiment different things.