Moonstone Class Blog 18th January 2019

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Welcome to Moonstone Blog

Today has been a good week in Moonstone. The class is beginning to rise to the challenge and are focused on their learning. This improvement has meant we have been able to have some more hands on learning as well as increasing the effort being put in to some of the more academic subjects. Well done Moonstone, I am looking forward to the weeks ahead, when we will be able to do more of this.


In English, we have been planning our myth stories and developing our characters, ideas and understanding the themes found in myths. We also tried out a ‘Whoosh’ story, where the children act out the story as it is being told. This was the first time we have tried this, so I was pleased with how well they responded. I look forward to using more drama in the near future. We have also continued reading the book ‘Skellig’. I have been especially pleased with the increase in effort, pace and willingness to get deeper into the story. Improving our inference skills is our top priority this term.


In maths we have been looking at shapes. We have had a little bit of a struggle understanding the reasons why things work out in this way, especially with finding the area of a triangle, but I hope we are clearer on this now. We have just moved on to finding volume and will look more at 3D nets next week. I was also able to introduce some algebra to a few children who then used this to find the area of shapes of an unknown value.


In science we are investigating irreversible changes. We had lots of fun looking at how you can change different materials when you combine them with other substances. We are in the process of investigating how rust is formed and testing what conditions can increase the rate of rust development.


In our topic work, we are making lots of links to the Ancient Greeks. We have looked at Greek pottery designs and patterns and used these to inspire our own designs, which we can use when we make some of our own pottery.


I am very pleased to announce that our year 5s won the academy maths competition this week. Well done to Antony and Oliver who were a part of this winning team. They were all very pleased to have won it and we are all incredibly proud too.


Maths: Please complete the farmer's area and perimeter worksheet. Hand it in by Wednesday 23rd January.

Spelling: I have handed out a new sheet which groups the year 5 spelling list words by area. please practice the words with unstressed vowels this week (accommodate - vegetable)



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