Moonstone Class Blog  Friday 5th April

REMEMBER P.E. starts again after Easter. Bring your P.E. Kits to school............................. Read every day!....................... T.T. Rock stars is the best!


Welcome to Moonstone Blog

We have reached the end of the Spring term and I am very pleased with how Moonstone has progressed. Not only in terms of their studying, but also in our whole class effort to be more focused, monitor the volume level and in improving our teamwork.


In English we have completed the book Skellig, which the children became very enthusiastic about. Having children wanting to desperately carry on hearing a story is music to my ears. I hope you continue reading to your children, sharing books and hearing them read. They are never too old for this magical experience. We have also completed our study our poetry unit; something the children resisted at the start. However, after some extra effort and time given to this topic, the children have been able to write their own poems, with increasing awareness of how to structure them. I am very pleased with their final writing task of this term.


In Maths we have continued to improve our self-confidence and although there are still a few cries of not being able to understand, the recent results have shown what hard work and determination can do for your level of achievement. I hope this continues through the summer term and the children feel ready to face the challenges of year 6.


In our topic lessons the children have cooked quesadillas; some children loved these, whilst others hated them. At least they tried something new. We have also spent time drawing artwork to complement our poetry writing. Their final combined pieces look amazing!

Like I have said this has been a productive term, especially in the improvement in their reading. The special effort trophies were given to Cameron Bennett and Rubyrose Hind. The star trophy was given to Bailie Evett. Unfortunately, I could not choose more as there were many equally deserving winners. It is never an easy choice, but this term it was harder than ever. I hope that next term is even more difficult.

Have a great Easter Holiday.




Please continue to increase the amount of reading that your children are doing at home.

Practice the spelling words from the year 5 spelling list

Complete the maths murder mystery

English/Topic: To complete this term’s topic, please become a real  life explorer .

  • Go somewhere new,
  • Try a new type of food
  • Listen to a new band / singer
  • Watch a new film
  • Read a book from a new author

Then record these new experiences, in any way you wish. (Writing, photos, ppts, videos etc.)






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