Moonstone Class Blog 2nd November 2018

P.E. is on Tuesdays - Please ensure you bring your full kit into school every week.


Welcome to Moonstone Blog

There has been a lots of improvement in the how the class is focusing on their learning this week, particularly in their writing. Keep it up moonstone and apply the same effort to all of your learning, I promise it will actually make you enjoy school even more!

This week Maddison was chosen to have afternoon tea. She has really shown a mature and compassionate approach to being in school, helping around the class and thinking of others. Writer of the week goes to Darian, for improved stamina in writing an extended piece. The Maths award was given to Aaliyah, for really trying hard to understand fractions. The gold stickers went to Alexus for working hard in all lessons, Rubyrose for improved confidence and working hard, and Owen for always being polite and listening well in all lessons.

In English this week we have finished writing our animal stories. The children did well to increase their work rate and think carefully about using a range of sentence structures and using dialogue to move their stories forward.

In Maths we have continued with fractions and looked at converting mixed number fractions to improper fractions and vice versa.

In topic work we have made animal models in clay, learned about climate zones and have continued creating our blog sites. It was also Anti-bullying week, we were inspired by a poem by Shane Koyczan ‘To This Day’ and we have written poems about this difficult subject.



Design different word art pictures for the spelling words. Use the meaning of the word to decorate the letters and turn them into pictures. Focus on the double letters to help you learn where they are in each word.

Make a fact sheet about the climate of the UK today and compare it to the climate of this region during the ice age and what they think it will be like in 1000 years’ time. Draw a picture for each time period.















Maths Homework

Please complete fractions practice sheet. They can choose which level of questions they wish to complete.