HOMEWORK: Have fun, eat lots and enjoy yourselves. 


READING: Read home reading book or another book of your choice and put it in your reading record.





Star of the Week: Aaliyah and Connie-rose

The blog this week was written by Zuzanna and Maddison

We had an awesome week. Our Christmas carol was great and we loved it.We all dressed up in fantastic Christmas jumpers.That day, we had so much fun and we all played lots of Christmas games.  Mr Campling was so naughty, that he took some of our dojos of and Mr Brown was left with            -13.


In reading we have been focusing on a text called ‘Survivors’ .We wrote some instructions on how to survive in a rainforest also we wrote a survivors guide. Did you know, that oil kills magots.Today, we went to the ICT suite and typed up our power points about How to survive in a rainforest. Also in reading we’ve been practising our poem for the Christmas carol. We made actions as we went. Everyone loved it especially Mr Brown.


All week, we done QR  codes the ones that we did is Ariel,Vector,Disney princesses and Batman. We have also wrote a story about The Lonely Cloud. In our story we had to include expanded noun phrases, relative clauses, adjectives, subordinate clauses & much more.     Everyone enjoys doing it so we do it more often. We can work in pairs or we can work by ourself.


This week in maths we have been doing picture graphs and bar charts sometimes we do tally charts. We usually work out of the busy ants books and do challenge 1 and 2 if we finish challenge 1 and 2 then we go and get an extention. If you finish the 4 extentions that means you are a super star. We answer lots of reasoning and problem solving questions.


This week in topic we have been learning about earthquakes and Natural Disasters. We also have been practising our Christmas poem and been doing some fun activities.

By Zuzanna &Maddison