Moonstone Class Blog  Friday 22nd March 2019

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Moonstone Class has been delving deep into some poetry for the past couple of weeks. The initial groans have been left in the past and the children are really starting to show their justifying and analysing skills. They have been developing strategies which help break a poem apart and can see how this deepens the meaning and understanding of poetic techniques.  They have even rewritten the ending of a poem and have tried to keep to the themes and structure of the original.

In Maths we have moved on from time and are looking at converting metric units. The children are also using these skills to answer a range of challenging questions. The more practice and relating it to real life situations the better!

Linked to our poetry unit, the children have produced some amazing artwork to help illustrate the poem. They have explored the use of charcoal and seen how this material produces some unique effects. In RE the children have been studying the Christian Stories relating to the Easter Festivals. For our topic we have been making maps and are beginning to understand map references.

Today we have been looking at food from around the world and we made a simple cous cous recipe. At first many of the children were complaining that they did not like vegetables, some did not know what a courgette was! However, most of the children were pleasantly surprised and side they really liked it afterwards. Success!




Complete the converting metric units homework sheet. Use the conversion chart to help you.


  • Write the number you are converting in the chart by placing the right hand (units column) whole number digit in the correct place.
  • Place a decimal in the right hand side of the measure you are converting to.
  • Add zeros in any unfilled column
  • Write this new number as the new denomination




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