16.02.18            Homework



Look at the common exception words an put them into spellings.


Please practise using the four rules and your times tables ready for our assessments.


Read the text, keep practising!

St Patrick is the national saint for Ireland.  He became a Christian priest.  He returned to Ireland and converted many Irish people to Christianity. St Patrick’s day  is celebrated worldwide; in Brazil they turn the statue of Christ Redemma green! Outside the Whitehouse they turn the fountain green!  Many countries have parades with floats.  It is celebrated on 17th March.

During our PSHE session we focused on how we are going to go to the park next week and how we need to stay safe in different environments.  We created posters to inform others on what they need to do to stay safe.

In our PE session we continued to use the balancing bar, horses and gym bars to hold different balances.

We went on a walk around the school grounds to gain an understanding of where different features are situated. We took photographs of different physical and human features. We used this information to help us plot the school onto a grid and identify the different features.

Year 2 - Garnet Class - Mr Nelson

We will be going to the park on Monday morning, please ensure that the children have appropriate shoes and clothing.

We have introduced a new method  this week in our maths lesson to help us solve addition and subtraction. We have been focusing on how we have to exchange to help find the answer; if we are competing addition we have to exchange the ones to a ten and place it into the ten column (carrying), if we are subtracting we have to exchange the ten into ones and place them into the ones column (borrowing). We found this quite a hard concept to grasp, but some of us have got it!

English this week we have started to look at a new author; Nick Butterworth. He is the author for Percy the Park keeper adventures. We have listened and watched a range of different stories to gain an understanding of the style of writing Nick Butterworth has used. We have designed our own characters; we used double adjectives to describe what they are look in appearance and what type of personality they have. We discussed the importance of ensuring that we include enough information to inform our intended audience; we spoke about how our senses can help us to describe. We went outside as a year group after talking about the different jobs our senses do and used these. When we were outside the sun was shining brightly with a slight breeze!

Have a good weekend, see you Monday.

Mr Nelson