Children are expected to read every night and a comment placed in their reading diary.  Children's books will be changed

once a week on Monday but they will need to hand their book in daily to earn reading raffle tickets.  Reading is not just about reading the words on the page but understanding what the story is about.  We will be working on their comprehension skills so please ask lots of questions about their books and what they have read.

Welcome to Emerald Class

Week ending 16.03.18

This week in maths we have been looking at weight. We started the looking discussing all the different things we knew about weight already. We compared the weights of different things using the key words heavier and lighter. We used balancing scales to test different objects around the classroom. We know that if she scales go down it is heavier and if the scales go up its lighter. We finished the week by doing PUMA testing for maths, we are such superstars, we did fantastically!

 In English this week we have been reading the pig in the pond. We started the week by simply looking at the front cover and the title of the story. We talked about how important the title of the story is and what it tells us. We made predictions about what we thought the story would be about. We read the story as a class as discussed any new words we weren’t sure of and made a class dictionary. We had our own version of the text and we found all of the adjectives, verbs and nouns. Later in the week we were reading detectives and answered different questions about the story and even wrote a book review.


In PE this week we continued gymnastics and had a go at different ways to travel. We loved pencil rolls and teddy bear rolls and were very good and telling Mrs Waller how to keep safe when travelling around the hall.

 In science this week we have been looking at different plants. We labelled the different parts of the plant and talked about the different jobs that each part does.

 In art this week we looked at the artists Warren Kimble and George Stubbs  We compared the different styles of the artists. We looked at his different farm animals and had a go at painting our own versions of their pieces of art.

 In RE we learnt all about St. Patrick.  St Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland.  He became a Christian priest.  He returned to Ireland and converted many Irish people to Christianity. St Patrick’s day  is celebrated worldwide; in Brazil they turn the statue of Christ the Redeemer green! Outside the Whitehouse they turn the fountain green!  Many countries have parades with floats. The biggest parade is in New York followed by Dublin and Birmingham.  It is celebrated on 17th March the day that St Patrick died.

 Mrs Waller


 Take a look at the 100 things to do before you are 6 sheet (see above - click on a link to enlarge).  Please have a go at completing one of the activities and then tell me about it.  Have fun!


 Please complete, spelling, handwriting and SPAG sheets in homework books.