Children are expected to read every night and a comment placed in their reading diary.  Children's books will be changed

once a week on Monday but they will need to hand their book in daily to earn reading raffle tickets.  Reading is not just about reading the words on the page but understanding what the story is about.  We will be working on their comprehension skills so please ask lots of questions about their books and what they have read.



Please can you work on the quick recall of your 2, 5 and 10 times tables in preparation for multiplication and division 


 Can you find out any interesting facts about Mary Seacole?



Please can you practice reading real and alien words - we love playing the buried treasure and Obb and Bob game



Practice reading Hairy Maclary from Donaldson's Dairy - remember to get your lucky listener to sign the back of the paper every time you read.



Welcome to Emerald Class

Week ending 18.05.18


This week in maths we have been looking at multiplication. We started the week at practicing counting in our 2s, 5s and 10s- we are getting much better at these! We then moved onto solving multiplication number sentences by grouping. We would read the number sentence 6 x 5 = and know that it is made up of 6 groups, with 5 in each group. We used the numicon to practically help us visualise the 6 groups of 5. We then knew we could count in our 5s, 6 times to get the answer. If we got really stuck and couldn’t could in our 5s we could just count the numicon. Later on in the week me moved on from making it practically to drawing it pictorially. We drew the groups in arrays. The arrays follows the same pattern of making 6 groups of 5s and counting all of the dots. We then used this skill to solve multiplication word problems at the end of the week.

We started English this week by finishing our recounts that we had started last week about our Victorian day. We tried to edit mistakes in the original drafts and created a polished version. We found this quite tricky by gave it our best effort. We were then adding prefixes and suffixes to different root words. We started with the prefix ‘un’ we know a pre fix goes at the beginning of a word and changes the meaning. Fair becomes unfair, healthy becomes unhealthy. We thought of the different ‘un’ words we could use and then added them into sentences. We then moved onto suffixes, which we know go at the end of the root word.- we concentrated on suffixes ‘er’ and ‘est’. We were very good at adding ‘er’ to words but found ‘est’ slightly more confusing.

We did not have RWI this week due to year 6 SATs so instead we used this hour to improve our reading. We read and practiced reading the text Hairy Maclary to fluency - Mrs Mulchay was very impressed with us all.  We concentrated a lot on our inference skills and what information we can learn from a text or picture without it even telling us.

In PE this week we began to practice our ball skills. We were practicing throwing a ball under arm into a hoop on the ground. We knew to make our throwing more accurate we should hold it with two hands, bend our knees and push the ball. We then began to throw it to a partner; we used the same throwing technique and had to adjust how hard we threw depending on how far away our partner was. To help us catch it successfully we had to keep our eyes on the ball and catch with two hands. Once we had caught the ball we had to bring it into our chests to stop ourselves from dropping it.

In RE this week we looked at the Hindu creation story. We discussed how it was different from the Christian creation story and designed our own God.

In computing this week we continued looking at algorithms. We know an algorithm is a set of instructions for a computer programme. We talked about the different things in school and home that might need an algorithm in order to work. We then created our own algorithm for the beebots to travel across a map. If the algorithm didn’t take the beebot to the right place then we had to de-bug it as we went along.

 In music we used the untuned percussion to accompany one of the songs we will be singing at the music festival.


Mrs Waller

Suggested Year 1 reading list