Children are expected to read every night and a comment placed in their reading diary.  Children's books will be changed

once a week on Monday but they will need to hand their book in daily to earn reading raffle tickets.  Reading is not just about reading the words on the page but understanding what the story is about.  We will be working on their comprehension skills so please ask lots of questions about their books and what they have read.


We ask your child to hand their book in every morning and will initial that they have read and received a reading raffle ticket.

Suggested Year 1 reading list

Please continue to read with your children. It is important that the children practice this skill.  Reading underpins the whole of the school curriculum.

Welcome to Emerald Class

Week ending 5th April 2019


We have had a great week filled with lots of fun Easter activities in Emerald class!

This week we have been making our Easter cards to send to our family. We had lots of fun making our cards. We used our knowledge of how to find a quarter of a shape to create the chicks for our Easter card.   We used our scissor skills to cut out the shapes and snip a quarter, we are sure you will love them!

We loved making Easter nests this week using our knowledge of weight to weigh our ingredients to make them. We can’t wait to see if they taste as good as they look!

We had lots of fun taking part in an Easter egg hunt! We loved looking for eggs and when we found an egg we helped our friends to find one too.

Wow! What a fantastic trip to Colchester zoo we had!  It was a lovely way to end our around the world topic. We loved seeing all the animals and learning about the different African animals and their habitats.  We really enjoyed exploring all the artefacts and guessing where they came from. We also learnt how to say some words in Swahili! We had so much fun feeding the giraffes!

 In RE this week we listened to the Easter story and sequenced the story using pictures. We tried to write about the different parts of the Christian story.  

In English this week we have worked really hard on our writing. We started by writing about the chicks hatching and how we felt when we held them. We tried to make sure we used capital letters, full stops and lots of lovely adjectives to make our writing interesting. We also wrote a recount of our fabulous trip to Colchester zoo. We focused on writing in the past tense and using time order words.

We hope you all have a lovely well deserved Easter break. There is no homework for the Easter holiday but here are some suggestions of fun activities you may want to do! Enjoy!

Mrs Waller and Mrs Goldstone