Children are expected to read every night and a comment placed in their reading diary.  Children's books will be collected in twice a week and changed if they have read their book.  Reading is not just about reading the words on the page but understanding what the story is about.  We will be working on their comprehension skills so please ask lots of questions about their books and what they have read.


Mrs Waller

Welcome to Emerald Class

Week ending 


 What an exciting week we have enjoyed Christmas dinner and had a visit from a very special person! 

This week in maths we have been going over lots of different topics that we have covered so far in year 1. We started the week solving repeated addition using pictures. We read the number sentence 5 + 5 + 5 = and knew we had to add 5 together, 3 times. We drew 3 sets of 5 pictures and counted all the pictures together to solve the question. Later in the week we used this knowledge to solve repeated addition word problems. If a cake has 3 candles on it, how many candles would be on 4 cakes ( 3 + 3 + 3 + 3 = ). This came in useful when we were calculating how much money was in each purse, first we identified the coins and then used repeated addition, remembering to add pounds or pence. We have also looked at more than and less than different numbers. We know one more than and one less than very well and are getting better at identifying numbers in a list less than ___ or more than ___. We have looked at ordering a list of numbers from smallest to greatest.  These activities show that we still need to practice counting forwards and backwards, recognising our numbers  and understanding how the number system works.


In Computing this week we have been making Christmas cards using purplemash. We are trying really hard to log onto the computers and purplemash independently to develop of mouse and keyboard skills. We had a go at moving pictures and changing their size and position on the page. We were also able to type a message on the Christmas card too.

In Science this week we have been looking at different objects and the materials they are made from and those material properties. We started off by identifying the object and the material they are made from. We went around the room finding different objects (chair, table, pencil, book, jumper) and we talked about the different materials (plastic, metal, wood, glass, fabric). There are so many different materials just in our classroom. We then discussed the words transparent (it means light completely passes through it and you can see clearly through it), translucent (it means that some light passes through it but the light is scattered so you can’t see clearly through it) and opaque (it means no light can pass through it. It blocks the light). We had a go at finding different objects, deciding what material they were made from and discussing if that material was transparent, translucent or opaque. 




The children have been given a purplemash password which is in their reading diary. 

Please log onto

In the middle of the page you will need to input Felmore primary school at school and enter username and password. The children have been shown how to do this and we are encouraging them to log in themselves. 

Once you have logged in there will be a red '2dos' icon on the left. 

Click on this and different games that the children have been set will appear there. 




Please complete an Christmas acrostic poem. 










Or be creative and think of your own Christmas word.  


Please practice reading the New year poem to fluency. Every time your child reads, please sign the back of the sheet. Bring it back to school everyday and school staff will listen and sign it too. 

 Mrs Waller