15.12.17               Homework

Topic –What have you enjoyed learning the most about our topic this half term?

Mathematics –Practise your tables and number bonds.

In the middle of the page you will need to input Felmore primary school at school and enter username and password. The children have been shown how to do this and we are encouraging them to log in themselves. 

Once you have logged in there will be a red '2dos' icon on the left. 

Click on this and different games that the children have been set will appear there. 

During our topic this week we used the atlases to label different oceans and continents on a world map and then the different countries within the united kingdom and surrounding seas.

We continued to look at scratch and how we could implement different algorithms to move our own creation. We have looked at the three forces this week and practically applied all three! We had to pull elastic bands to make 2D shapes. We had to twist material as small as we could and we had to push play doh to flatten it as thin as possible.

Diamond Class

Welcome to Diamond blog!

Don’t forget to bring your party clothes in on Monday ready for the magician!

We have continued to read The Christmasaurus by Tom Fletcher and are really enjoying it so far! We are about to start chapter 17.

We had a fantastic time wearing our Christmas jumpers to our Christmas dinner on Thursday; we pulled crackers whilst eating turkey! We were really lucky we had a special visitor…Father Christmas came in ringing his bell. We got very excited to see him. After lunch we went to see him in our Christmas dome, he gave us all a present for being so good!

We really enjoyed sharing our Christmas production with you, Lights, Camel, Action! We are extremely proud of how well we all did; we hope you enjoyed watching us as much as we enjoyed sharing. We were even lucky enough to share our production with Key Stage


This week in maths we have looked have started to look at the properties of shape and rotation of shape. We had to describe different shapes and then turn them quarter or half turn clockwise.

During our English sessions this week we have looked at instructions. We followed visual instructions to create a lego model, we then had to write the instructions for some else to follow, we focused on using imperative verbs and time words.


Enjoy the weekend, see you all on Monday! Last three days.