Please complete pages 56-57 in Maths books.


Please complete pages 28- poems about witches in reading comprehension books. 

Make sure you read the poems carefully before answering the questions.  


Harry Potter trip is 5th June 2019! We can't wait! 



This week in English we have been looking at poetry. We looked at a range of free verse, haiku's and acrostic poems. We looked at the different features and tried writing our own.

In Maths this week we have been focusing on different shapes. We looked at different quadrilaterals, triangles, 2D and 3D shapes. We had a go at drawing them, identifying the properties and building different 3D shapes from nets. We looked at equilateral, isosceles, scale and right-angled triangles.

In computing this week we have researched different jungles. We looked at the climate, the population and recorded lots of different facts.

In art this week we had a go at sketching different invertebrates to scale. We added shading to show the light hitting the animals from different angles.

In Science this week we created a branching database of different animals. We used yes/no questions to separate them to identify their different features.  

In music this week we have listened and appraised our new song 'Lean on me'. We identified the style of music and listened to the different instruments. 

In RE this week we looked at the story of Rama and Sita- looking at the origin of Diwali.