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In maths this week we have been focusing on ordering numbers and column addition. We have identified which number is smallest using our knowledge of place value, ordering numbers up to 5 digits! Following on from this, we started using column addition to add 4 digit numbers and we even began to add 5 digit numbers to 4 digit numbers. At the end of the week we used our knowledge of addition to complete missing number problems.

In English this week, we have been focusing on planning a story. We identified what makes a good story, a good character and a good setting. We focused on creating a high quality character and interesting Roman setting in preparation for writing our stories next week. Finally, we began to plan out of story to know exactly what we want to include next week.

In Topic this week, as well as taking part in Roman day, we have looked at the timeline of Roman history, creating our own timeline of events. We talked about the different events that happened throughout Roman history.

In Science this week, we were learning about the human digestive system and what happens to our food when we eat it. We even got to create our own digestive system outside making a stomach and intestines. It was very messy!

In computing this week we used the internet to research Julius Caesar. We created a spider diagram to show different information we researched about him.



Please complete pages 10 and 11 of Maths book. 


Children have been given a fronted adverbials work sheet.  In class, we have been learning what a fronted adverbial is. They come at the start of a sentence, describe how, when or where something happens and are always followed by a comma.


Children have been given list of spellings. Over the year, please keep writing the spellings in different settings. Look, cover, say, write, check, writing in sentences, rainbow write, see how many times you can write in 30 seconds.


Have a great weekend!