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This week in maths we have been continuing to look at fractions. We started by recapping converting fractions into decimals to remind children that they link together. Both fractions and decimals are part of whole numbers. We then rounded these decimals to the nearest whole number. We know that to round to the nearest whole number we are looking at the tenths column (the one closest to the decimal place). We then multiplied and divided decimal numbers by 10, 100 and 1000. We moved the decimal place to do this. We then wrote questions for year 3 children to complete a mail trail outside.

In English this week we have been exploring play scripts. We started the week by making character profiles for the different characters in a Firework Maker’s Daughter (we have been reading it this all half term in our reading lessons are know the story well). We then looked at the different features of a play script and highlighted them on a real script; character list, stage direction, dialogue. 

In Geography this week we have explored earthquakes and volcanos. We explored the ways in which earthquakes are recorded and looked at what happen to buildings at different stages of the Richter scale. We made buildings our of marshmallows and spaghetti and used bowls of jelly to mimic the movement of a volcano. Most of our buildings were destroyed! We labelled the different parts of parts of a volcano and discussed what causes an eruption. We now know that volcanos can be active, dormant and extinct.

This week has been anti-bullying week. WE have spent a long time thinking about how to be a good friend and how we can show others that we care. We wrote our own friendship poems and discussed the term cyber-bullying. We know that lots of people use the internet and phones to bully because they feel like they won’t get caught or get into trouble because it is not face to face. Despite this cyber-bullying is still wrong and will still hurt peoples’ feelings.


In art we mixed the primary colours blue, red and yellow to create different colours. We then used paint brushes of different thickness to paint a picture of a volcano. We loved having a go at mixing the colours and the paintings came out really well.




Please complete page 28 and 29 of the maths homework book







Have a great weekend!