It's been another fabulous week in Amethyst class:


In our writing, we have been focusing on different modern authors.  We looked at the blurbs of many different books and thought about the different characters that would inhabit those books.   Then we read an exact from a Jaqueline Wilson novel, and wrote a dairy entry as one of the characters.  Next we read a chapter of Magnus Chase, before imagining what would happen in the next chapter.



In Maths, we have been learning about Mass.  First we weighed different objects around the classroom.  Next we learnt how to estimate the weight of different objects, as well as predict their weight from different answers using context.  Then we learnt how to convert from kgs to gs, before solving a variety of word problems.


This week we have added continents to our globes.  We have also learnt about Psalm Sunday.   As well as our great work in Dance and French, we have also been learning about Cipher codes!


Homework is on Mymaths and PurpleMash.  As well as this the children have been tasked with creating their own secret Cipher, so as to write and send messages.  Additionally, they have been asked to write a diary entry as an explorer.



 Their spellings are: deceive, conceive,receive, perceive, ceiling, conceit, receipt, deceit.

Kind regards

Mr Campling