It's been another great week for Amethyst class.



We have been writing Viking fiction stories. First we planned our Viking characters, then we wrote about them, making sure that the characters showed their characteristics through their behaviour.   Next, we deconstructed a picture of a dragon’s lair, before describing our own one.  Then we planned and wrote our own Viking story, where our Viking had to invade a dragon’s lair. 



In Maths we have been looking at division.   First, we learnt how to use long division to divide numbers by 2 digits.  Then we looked at converting remainders into decimals and fractions.   Next, we have been converting decimals to fractions.  



This week, we have learnt about Danegeld, a tribute that Anglo-Saxons paid to the Vikings.   We also create an epic piece of music to accompany Vikings into battle.   We have also been learning how to do long jump and how Jewish people keep kosher.


Homework is on mymaths.

Homework is on mymaths and purplemash.  Also, the children have been tasked with drawing a plan for how to capture their dragons. 


Kind regards

Mr Campling