This week we have been looking at fairy tales, we have read lots of different versions of the Princess and the Pea, we enjoyed comparing them and discussing what was the same and how they were different. We have seen how a lot of fairy tales start with ‘once upon a time’ can you remember how they end?

We have also continued to look at pirates. We have loved sharing your homework that you have brought in. Your pirate treasure maps look fantastic. We also decided to make some in class too.

In number time we reminded ourselves of the 2D shape names at the start of the week, we had remembered so many that we quickly moved onto 3D shapes. We loved going on shape hunts, labelling shapes and finishing shape patterns.

On Monday we enjoyed our PE session, we were throwing and catching with a partner, we then looked at different ways of moving the ball including rolling and bouncing. We were extremely sensible and made sure we made it easy for our partner to get the ball. We even began counting how many times we could throw and catch the ball without it falling and got quite competitive!

The sun came out on Wednesday and we definitely made the most of it, we loved learning outside the classroom in the nice weather. We played in the water, sand and mud. We went on a pirate treasure adventure using the treasure maps we made in class.

Well done to all the children who made a treasure map at home, we really enjoyed sharing them together and asking lots of questions. Homework this week is to find some 3D shapes. Look at some empty packages and boxes. What shape are they? Can you find a cube, a cylinder or a cuboid? Bring in some 3D shape boxes to show the class and then we can use them for junk modelling.


Have a lovely weekend. 

Mrs Carrig